The power of ReFa lies in its expertly designed beauty technology. Find out how ReFa is revolutionizing the skin care today and helping to achieve the firmer, more toned, beautiful skin you want.
Feature 1
ReFa products feature the latest technology that includes a very mild "microcurrent" which is popular for esthetic menu service, a specially designed rollers and waterproofing. Also, not limited to beauty care, ReFa's source of ideas form the basis for our research and development of technologies and ingredients for beauty devices and cosmetic products.
Feature 2
"We would like you to use ReFa in your everyday care". With that in mind, we pursued every aspect to ensure that the product is ease of use including the size of the rollers, the angle of incidence, the weight and the shape of the handle.
Feature 3
Experience the difference, the moment you use it. It is not about a sense of having to "take care of yourself ". It is a habit where your hand simply reaches for the device. ReFa makes it easy to reach out for beauty, changing the act of "taking care" to a more luxurious and comfortable experience.
Feature 4
The design is intended to make you feel the beauty that you wish to achieve. It is an attraction that makes you want to decorate the beauty device; a simple and elegant, yet refined design that satisfies all who use it.
*The total sales number of ReFa series between Feb. 2009 and Aug. 2016.